Walking for Health

Dear all 

It is a matter of my pleasure to inform you that we are re-starting our weekly Walking For Health Programme from 25th of this month. GRNCA Executive Committee meeting that was held under the chairmanship of president Mr Krishna Prasad Neupane, decided to start Walking for Health program every week from  coming Thursday, 25/05/2017 until Nov 2017. Please join us if you can .
Date: 25/05/2017

Time: 9 .00 Am 

Venue  ( meeting point) : In front of The statue of George Palmer in Palmer Park, in Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1LF 


For more information please contact 


Krishna Prasad Neupane - Chairperson - mobile :-07939 665482

Naba Neupane - PDF Management Team - mobile  :- 07478 328707


Your presence in the program is highly appreciated. 

Thank you 


Omkar Adhikari 

General Secretary 




1. The Yoga classes are running every Sunday in Sun Street Community Hall at 7.00 Am . Please join us if possible. 

2. Details of walking for health program in South Reading ( Cintra Park )  will be published soon . 

3. We are also organising Zumba classes very  soon .